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The cutest thing ever. ♥
This was the first poster I ever had of Simple Plan. My mom threw it out one day and even thought it’s been well over 5 years i’m still mad at her for it.

Daily Routine - Simple Plan edition


you wake up


get dressedimage

brush your teethimage

see that theres no food in the fridgeimage

so head off to school image

you greet your friends with weird facesimage

you go to class and the teacher just keeps goingimage

before announcing that there is a pop quizimage

then you have lunch

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We Day in Ottawa

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My dad just bought me a ticket to see Simple Plan!

My birthday isn’t until July and the concert is next month and i’m really surprised that he actually agreed to buy one since its over a hundred dollars and i’m really happy now. If only I had someone to go with though :/

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  • Interviewer: Whats worth fighting for?
  • Seb: LOVE!
  • Pierre: Doughnuts.

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I’m kinda sad David cut his hair.. I liked it better long.. He still looks good though so meh

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