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Lol Chuck

Happy Birthday Chuck!! 

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Happy Birthdy Chuck!

Oh gosh….EP…

FUN FACT: This video was released 10 years ago today! Sept.16, 2004. I remember watching the premiere on Much Music.. Actually tbh I recorded the premiere on a VHS tape when it first came out and i’m pretty sure I still have that tape.

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And it’s back up and running!!

Anonymous asked: now I'm curious but at the same time I don't want to know if it will make me sad. How bad is it?

If everyone found out, it would just be a huge invasion of privacy to the member. I’m going to their concert on Friday and want to make it my mission to let the member know what it is

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Anonymous asked: or at least which band?

Simple Plan.

0 notes should be back up and running soon!

Good morning. It’s Chooseday! Where YOU choose to have a beautiful day, no matter your circumstance.
Have fun and ‘don’t take yourself too seriously, because you’re not that serious.’ :)

Good evening from Canada! (Forever reblogging this picture because it was the first simple plan poster I ever had.)

Anonymous asked: Not asking what it was, but who was the band member?

message me off anon

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