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Simple Plan is doing a show in town on my best friends birthday. My friend already asked me to go out of town to visit him. He absolutely hates Simple Plan so I can’t even try to get him to come.. Simple Plan or best friend… I hate this.

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Pierre in the australian version of 'Summer Paradise'

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Warped Tour 2011 - Credit: Michael Mullen

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I haven’t made a post in forever. Sorry

Today’s my birthday. Starting tomorrow I plan on starting to post more

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Ahhhh one of my favourite Reset songs!! :D

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Chuck, David, and Pierre performing Pollution with Reset 

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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Get Your Heart On!

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If you could swap bodies with any other member of the band, who would you pick and what would you do?

  • Sébastien: I'd pick Chuck because he is so ripped.
  • Jeff: I would say Sébastien because he has the biggest one.
  • Pierre: I'd say Sébastien because he has an eight pack. Some guys just have six; he's got the eight. It's genetic.
  • Sébastien: *pointing at Pierre* I think he has a crush on me.
  • David: Guess you guys now know why the band is still together!
  • Pierre: Chuck is pretty jealous about this. He's all like 'You don't want my body, what the fuck?'
  • Chuck: If I could swap I'd pick Pierre, he's pretty tanned and I'm very white. My fair complexion is a pain: he surfs and goes brown, I stand outside and go red.
  • David: To be honest, I'd pick Sébastien too.
  • Pierre: Nobody wants to be you, Jeff.
  • Sébastien: Having said that, not having to worry about your hairstyle everyday would be great!

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