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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!
It’s now 3:52. I’ve spent 4 almost 5 hours listening to simple plan today.



You want to have a present from somewhere across the world under your Christmas tree? (if you celebrate Christmas, that is) Or you just want to have one for the holiday season of whichever holiday you celebrate?

You want to make someone else happy?

Then join this…


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#sp #simpleplan #pierrebouvier #jeffstinco #band #music #listen

Study break, time to look up some old gifs i’ve made

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Hey everyone! If you haven’t already go sign up for the Simple Plan Secret Santa 2014!!

visit for more info on how to get involved! It’s super fun and you should all sign up so that there’s even more people participating 

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Photobomb! I noticed him taking a selfie on someone’s phone and decided to join the picture. I also love how easy social media has made it to find pictures

He would take his phone out and tweet in the middle of a show

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