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Warped Tour 2011 - Credit: Michael Mullen

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I haven’t made a post in forever. Sorry

Today’s my birthday. Starting tomorrow I plan on starting to post more

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Ahhhh one of my favourite Reset songs!! :D

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Chuck, David, and Pierre performing Pollution with Reset 

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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Get Your Heart On!

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If you could swap bodies with any other member of the band, who would you pick and what would you do?

  • Sébastien: I'd pick Chuck because he is so ripped.
  • Jeff: I would say Sébastien because he has the biggest one.
  • Pierre: I'd say Sébastien because he has an eight pack. Some guys just have six; he's got the eight. It's genetic.
  • Sébastien: *pointing at Pierre* I think he has a crush on me.
  • David: Guess you guys now know why the band is still together!
  • Pierre: Chuck is pretty jealous about this. He's all like 'You don't want my body, what the fuck?'
  • Chuck: If I could swap I'd pick Pierre, he's pretty tanned and I'm very white. My fair complexion is a pain: he surfs and goes brown, I stand outside and go red.
  • David: To be honest, I'd pick Sébastien too.
  • Pierre: Nobody wants to be you, Jeff.
  • Sébastien: Having said that, not having to worry about your hairstyle everyday would be great!

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Everybody needs a friend like this (this is from my best friend).. Actually just everybody should think this way. I don’t understand why people bully or give others a hard time because of the music they listen to. If you don’t like a band that someone else does it doesn’t make you any better then that person

Happy birthday to me!! - Seb (06/06/2014)

I need more Simple Plan blogs to follow

Like or reblog this and I’ll check out your blog. If you post mainly Simple Plan things I’ll most likely follow you. I’ll follow other similar music blogs. I’ll also follow some on my personal blog. I just want to see more Simple Plan on my dash

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Finally uploaded the pictures I took on my camera at the ONEXONE show. They all majorly sucked (brought my mini camera and i’m really sad i didn’t bring my good one instead) but yeah this is the only good picture from that night. Meet and greet with Simple Plan (with my brother) :D


Cause our hearts are locked forever
And our love will never

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